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Social Services

Our Social Services activities include:
1. Delivery Certificates:For every birth at Mae Tao Clinic we issue a delivery certificate. We also collaborate with the Committee for Protection and Promotion of Child Rights (CPPCR) to raise awareness about and provide documentation for stateless children.

2. Children’s Development Centre:The clinic runs a school for children of migrant workers in Thailand. The children of MTC Staff also attend. In the school year 2004-2005, there were roughly 340 children attending. The school consists of a day care centre, nursery school, and primary school up to 6th standard.

3. Bamboo Children’s Home:The clinic also supports one boarding house in the refugee camps for unaccompanied children. In 2004, there were around 140 children staying in this boarding house.

4. Orphan Care:The clinic supports children who are orphaned or abandoned by their parents. Poverty is a major reason for the existence of so many orphans. In 2004, the clinic supported and cared for 21 orphans. Several other cases were referred to a local Burmese women’s organization, Social Action for Women, which has a programme to take care of abandoned babies and children in the Mae Sot area.

5. Asylum for Women and Children:The clinic also functions as a drop-in center for women and children in need of asylum. People seeking protection and support from abusive relationships frequently arrive and are accommodated at the clinic until safe alternative arrangements can be made.

6. Hospice and Aged Care:Patients often arrive at MTC in need of hospice care. They commonly have AIDS, cancer, or are of advanced age. Elderly persons may have no family or friends to support them. The clinic provides support for these people and takes responsibility for their care until they die, if necessary.

7. Funeral and cremation services:Families of patients who die at Mae Tao Clinic may not have the funds to cover the costs for a funeral or for transport of the body back home. Mae Tao Clinic provides funds to either assist families to return the body home or conduct a small funeral at MTC. We collaborate with Mae Sot Hospital for the management of the bodies of deceased clients. MTC also provides a death certificate for the deceased.

8. Support of Amputees:The prosthetic department provides employment and rehabilitation services for amputees whose injuries make it difficult to find employment.

9. Cultural celebrations, sports events, and health campaigns:The clinic regularly organises community events around important, traditional festivals and holidays. This is done in recognition of the importance of such events in strengthening community ties and providing a chance for friends and families to get together. In a situation where families are frequently separated and people face daily threats to their personal safety, these celebrations are important for people’s mental well being.